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Heck Yeah! RuroKen | るろうに剣心

This blog is a tribute to Rurouni Kenshin. Not spoiler-free. Check tags for better navigation. Please don't hesitate to ask and submit anything related to RuroKen. ^^x
contramundi324 asked: Do you guys know what was said in the Live Action deleted scene were Kenshin and Kaoru were by the river presumably after their encounter with Sano? Or at least what it was about? It looked like a cute romantic Ken/Kao moment.


That scene probably happened after Kaoru fetched Kenshin at the bamboo grove since they were talking about the goons that were killed by Jin’e.

We start with the two of them walking together by a river that is decorated with pretty floating lanterns. It’s obviously a tribute to the firefly scene. Kaoru wonders about why and how Jin’e killed the goons who attacked her dojo. Kenshin tells her about the Shin no Ippo and explains how it works. He tells her that a person needs to be strong to beat Shin no Ippo.

Kaoru then tells Kenshin that she wants to be strong. She repeats her ideals about swordsmanship then adds that Kenshin is probably thinking that what she said is naive.

Kenshin smiles and admits that it is naive but he likes it anyway. He tells her that if what Kaoru says happens, then nobody would be burdened by the swords they carry. ^^x

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